Welcome to Fannin Middle School                                                             

                                    FCMS MISSION AND VISION                         

                                                 Mission Statement:

                             Our mission is to provide students with an education
               that prepares them to be successful and meet future challenges.


                                            Vision Statement:                                              
                    Our Vision is for all students to progress from 6th grade to
                           9th grade ready to enroll in high school coursework
                                                without remediation
                             Dates to Remember
                                  May 2 - GA Milestones Testing
             May 3 - 5th Grade Parent Night/ Connections Sign-ups, 5:30
                                   May 5 - 6th Grade Field Trip                                      
                                   May 6 - 8th Grade Field Trip                                                                                 May 10 - Band Concert, 6th & 7th Grade, PAC, 7:00pm
                                   May 13 - Parking Lot Career Fair
            May 15 - Band Concert, High School & 8th Grade, PAC, 3:00
                                  May 16 - Yearbook Day, Talent Show
                                   May 17 - 6th & 7th Grade Awards
                                          May 19, 20 - Final Exams



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