Welcome to Fannin Middle School                                                             

                                     FCMS MISSION AND VISION

                                                 Mission Statement:

                             Our mission is to provide students with an education
               that prepares them to be successful and meet future challenges.


                                                 Vision Statement:
                    Our Vision is for all students to progress from 6th grade to
                           9th grade ready to enroll in high school coursework
                                                      without remediation
                                 Dates to Remember
                                              May 22 - Final Exams
                                           May 22 - Last Day of School
                            June 1,2,3 - Basketball Camp of Champions, 9-12
                           June 15,16,17,18 - Boys Summer Basketball Practice
                                The FCMS School Governance Team 
                                                 Parent Representatives
                                                                   Manda Gwatney
                                                                     Tonya Nuelle
                                                            Faculty Representatives
                                                                    Jeanie Garland
                                                                   Vanessa Weaver 
                                                          The Team will now select two
                                                 members from the community at large.

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