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Alesha Stiles Staff Photo
Mrs.  Alesha  Davees  Stiles
7th Grade Team C Special Education/ Teacher
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  • T-4 Certificate for Secondary English Education Grades 6-12, Special Education General Curriclum P-12 consultave, Special Education Language Arts, Science, Social Science, Reading Curriculm p-4, 6-8, 9-12. Middle Grades Science 4-8, Middle Grades Reading 4-8, Middle Grades Social Science 4-8
  • CPR & First Aid certification


  • Bachelor of Arts in English

Dalton State College in progress

  •   Secondary Education Certification

          Dalton State College in progress

  •  Associates of Arts in Psychology

           Dalton State College in progress

  • Associates of Arts in Communication Studies

          Dalton State College Fall 2012


   My name is Alesha Stiles I am twenty five years old and I have been married to my high school sweetheart for five years. We have a beautiful three year old daughter, and we plan on expanding our family in the future. I graduated from Fannin County High school in 2008, and began my first year of college at Reinhardt University as a psychology major. I really enjoyed studying psychology, but it didn’t click with me on a deeper level. At the end of my freshman year at Reinhardt, I transferred to Dalton State College as a Sociology major.

                 My mother kept begging me to take an education class, because even though I had declared a major, I still had no clue what I wanted to do.  I come from a long line of teachers, and that was the last thing I wanted to do. However, my mother kept begging me to just try it. So, I finally gave in during my sophomore year.  I took the EDUC 2110 class to get my feet wet with education.  My first observation was at Gilmer County High school in a history class. I was pretty excited to see what teaching at a secondary level was all about. I had gone to school with my mother, a kindergarten teacher, several times during high school when I was exempt from finals. I knew that smaller children were not my cup of tea, and that if I liked any age level secondary would be my best option. On my first day of my first observation I was pretty nervous. I had arrived at the office and a student helper had walked me to my teacher’s classroom. She had told me that I would really enjoy his class, smiled, laughed, and walked off. That did not help my nerves.

                So, I walked into the class and sat down. The bell rang and all of the students came in and started working on their starters on the board. The tardy bell rang a few minutes later, and the students were still quietly working on their starters. A few were looking at me puzzled because I looked around the same age as them. I kept wondering where the teacher was and thought it was strange that he had not came in yet. I had never heard of a tardy teacher. Just as I was getting ready to ask a student about the teacher, the door flung open. In walked a man dressed in a Revolutionary Red Coat uniform speaking in a British accent, and holding a wooden riffle. The children were laughing and smiling when a few student helpers pushed in a rack of Revolutionary uniforms behind him. The lesson for the day was about the revolutionary war and the students were developing their own play to depict an event in the war. It was the most interesting class I have seen to date, and the impact he had on the students was staggering. I knew then that teaching was the profession that I wanted to pursue. I wanted to leave that impact on children, and make them truly enjoy learning.

                However, in order to become this brilliant teacher that I have in my mind, I need to change a few things about myself. In several of my placements, my site teachers have often commented that I am soft spoken. This is not the case at home, and this semester I have made it my personal goal to eradicate this soft spoken image of myself, and to become the confident teacher that I observed in my first education class. Another issue that I have been working on is having too much to do in a short time. I want to expose children to guided practices that will highlight their talents and give them a spring board for success. I have done this in the past by offering three different lessons to highlight an artistic side, a technological side, and a personal side. While this has proven successful in a high school setting, that many options for a middle school setting has proven chaotic. I feel that this semester I will discover a good balance of the two and learn to transition into these complicated guided practices smoothly. I feel that I will develop that skill as I progress in my education and career. Something that I feel that I do well is using technology effectively to keep my students engaged in the lesson. I try to use iPads, laptops, and video clips as often as possible because I feel that it gives a break between lectures and reengages the student’s in order to keep them on task.

                As an educator, I hope to influence and touch the lives of each student in my classroom. My five year plan includes  establishing a good relationship with my students, and eventually going back to school to further my education in the form of a masters and specialist degree.  Eventually, I would like to peruse my doctorate as well so I can provide as much knowledge as possible for my students. I would like to work in all of the grade levels that I am certified to teach in so that I can offer a well-rounded base of what the student should know and when they were supposed to learn it.  Also, I believe that this perspective will also give me a refresher of what it is like to be that student at that age. I believe that in order to be an effective teacher that connects with her students, she must know what it is like to be that student. I feel that some teachers lose touch with that over the years that they teach, and regaining that knowledge through experiencing a one on one relationship will allow me to connect to the students and guide them on their individual journeys. I hope to be that one teacher that my students look back on and say that I made a difference in their lives.