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Helpful Information  

Click on the File Manager link above to view examples/samples of student work and assigned projects, reports, memoirs, and/or essays.

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Reading Counts Points  


Each nine weeks the students will be expected to earn a fixed number of Reading Counts points. In the school's library, books that are included in the Reading Counts program have a green circle sticker affixed to their spines. While in the library, the student may use one of the computer's to check the number of points that can be earned by reading and completing an on-line test over the book.

However, a parent cannot see how many points that their child has earned, but if a parent/guardian wants to email the child's reading teacher, the teacher will be able to give the parent/guardian that information.

Advanced content students are required to earn 25 Reading Counts points each nine weeks.

All other students are required to earn 20 Reading Counts points each nine weeks.

By April 13, both the advanced content and all other students must have earned 10 points. This will count as one test grade.

By May 11, the advanced content students must have earned the additional 15 points for a total of 25 points; all other students must have earned the additional 10 points for a total of 20 points. This will count as an additional test grade.


Let me clarify that. During each nine weeks grading period, your child will earn two grades for Reading Counts points.


Students note the points and due dates in their agendas at the beginning of the nine weeks grading period. Please check your child's agenda for that information, as well as other pertinent information regarding upcoming tests, projects, and/or other activities.

A parent/guardian will need to sign his/her name verifying that he/she is aware of the points that his/her child has earned at that particular checkpoint in the nine weeks.

Click the link below to access the Reading Counts book list. 

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Absences and Missing Assignments  


                                                             MAKE-UP WORK

Please note that this information was taken directly out of the student agenda (handbook), which can be found on Fannin County Middle School's website.  

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain make up assignments from the teachers and turn in all work within five (5) school days. After five days, all missed assignments will receive a “0”.

Make-up work requests should be honored within 24 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances. There is no minimum number of days a student must miss before being eligible to pick up make-up work.




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